Reasons to opt for cloud ERP – Can you benefit by using this software?

If you don’t have any idea on ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, it is a sort of software application which incorporates numerous functions of different departments and amalgamates them into a single platform. When everything else is there on the cloud, why shouldn’t the ERP software be moved to cloud? There are many vendors who excel in Cloud ERP solutions and employees of an organization access the ERP software through the internet via an app on their smartphone, tablet or computer or may be even through a browser. In case you are a small business organization, it is rather sensible to consider the benefits of Cloud ERP.

Generally, in bigger companies, ERP systems are handled in-house and they’re known as on-premise ERP solutions. But now there is the cloud ERP system where the infrastructure, servers, software is all tackled by some cloud ERP vendor and the customer of the vendor has to pay licensing fees, customization costs in order to get easy access to the software. Let’s take a look at the few reasons why you should opt for cloud ERP over on-premise ERP.

  • Upfront costs of cloud ERP are much lower and affordable than on-premise ERP and this means that the total cost of operation is pretty less
  • If the vendor permits, the scalability of the software is much easier, both down and up. A business can use cloud ERP to tackle unexpected hikes in traffic
  • Implementation is prompt and fast
  • Accessibility of cloud ERP is much easier via tablets, computer, mobile and any other hand-held device. You just require an internet connection and a web browser for doing it
  • Cloud ERP offers highest mobility as you can access it from anywhere and from any particular device
  • It integrates in a better way with various other cloud services like DR if the provider allows it
  • Bug fixes, quicker updates, notifications of new implementation of features and all this is done for several customers at the data center
  • There are few cloud ERP vendors which have integrated intelligence, CRM, communication and collaboration features within the ERP suite
  • There are again some cloud ERP vendors which offer increased uptime than their in-house IT departments and in-house IT can do good, even if not better
  • Cloud ERP is easier to run and test before acquisition
  • There are some cloud ERP vendors who offer a detailed audit trail on access of data and most of them even restrict the access solely to the authorized users
  • The best part about cloud ERP is that their User Interface or UI is pretty simple to use and understand

If you’re intrigued by the benefits of ERP for your business, you may take a look at for more information on ERP software and how you can get an authentic one for your business. Make sure you know how to use it and implement it so that you can make the most out of it.