Reasons Small Businesses Should Use the Cloud

Cloud computing has revolutionized the whole business world with its benefits. Businesses irrespective of its size are migrating to cloud due to its benefits. Cloud services has turned into a blessing for small businesses as they reduce internal IT resources and the time spent managing them and this led to increase in the demand of cloud computing services companies.

Let us see the reasons why Small Businesses Should Use the Cloud,

Reduced cost

Cloud computing lets the user free from procuring hardware to facilitate their computing operations. Installing a room full of hardware and maintaining is challenging for small business in terms of cost, space and also man power.

With cloud computing, small businesses don’t have to buy powerful servers as it allows them to avail the services of a third-party provider by paying a nominal free according to their usage. By going for cloud, it is a guarantee that the higher cost of procuring and changing hardware according to business needs is reduced. If your business grows big on high traffic seasons, you can even upsize your cloud space and again downsize it according to less traffic.

Cloud offers you flexibility according to that and much reduced cost. These costs that smaller businesses earn can be put into other ventures that will boost the business further. Top cloud computing companies in Middle East have always been on great demand by the smaller businesses who realized the benefits of these cloud computing services.

Greater collaboration

Cloud computing facilitates collaboration across the organization with ease. Employees of your organization can be available to office resources like email, important documents, even the tool they are working on to remote computer and work on it facilitating a better workplace collaboration. This will make your employees available 24*7 for work and additionally, employers can opt to limit what employees can access.

Employers and managers can track everything that is going with respect to progress of tasks from anywhere, this was a painstaking process in the past. Cloud facilitates multiple employees accessing the same file too without overlapping changes or permission problems. Synchronization of these data can be done over the internet too.

Increased flexibility

Thanks to cloud, small businesses no longer have to limit themselves to a particular location. Cloud lets you go mobile and flexible. It lets small businesses access their data and files irrespective of their location. All you need is a good internet connection and all the data will be available to you. This lets the employees be mobile and in turn increases productivity drastically.

Effective Integration

Cloud service operations lets small business integrate the back office operations effectively. It lets your employees utilize a central system to access all data.

Utilizing cloud service allows you to integrate the back office operations better than ever before. With the ability for several people to utilize one central system and access all data. This allows for a seamless transition for effective conduct of business.

Small businesses that have adapted cloud facilitates the option of integrating with a lot of cloud-based providers. Greater integration of all the resources in the businesses enables the small businesses to concentrate on critical areas that needs attention in a single platform.

Faster disaster recovery

Businesses have to invest in a good backup storage resources in-order to backup all critical data in case of any disaster that leads to loss of data. These backup storage resources are all high end and comes with a good cost. Other than the procuring cost, its maintenance cost is also high and cannot be done away with. Lack of disaster management system in a business leads to losing all critical data and start from zero again. Recovery costs a lot of time and money, and small businesses often do not have these resources, so it takes a long time for full recovery to take place.

The backup and recovery solutions that are made available in cloud enables disaster recovery much quicker, simpler and fuss-free as there is a backup in cloud that can be accessed from any location. This lets you get on your feet immediately after any disaster or loss of data and get productivity under control. Cloud computing saves small businesses from the cost of spending money on purchasing new hardware, software and programs at the same time enables effective backup of data.

Improved Chance of Competition

In this competitive world, it is necessary to pace ahead with new technologies to sustain in the market. Cloud services help businesses to deliver at faster iterations and scale up. Any new changes in the business website can be hosted in cloud before pushing it to market. Speed in pushing the products to market before your competitors is necessary to catch the market and this is possible by adapting cloud technology.

Cloud computing gives a chance for smaller companies to compete with corporate giants which use the same resources with the use of this technology.


With enough reasons to migrate to the cloud, do not hold yourself back to scale up with the power of technology. Approach cloud computing companies to get the maximum benefit for your business using their platforms like top AWS cloud computing services or Top Azure cloud computing services and migrate your business to cloud via eDesk HUB.

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