Rambus surrenders on Nvidia patents

Memory IP company Rambus has withdrawn claims that a number of its patents are being infringed by graphics chip company Nvidia.

Nvidia said that Rambus had originally asked a law judge at the International Trade Commission (ITC) to investigate a total of nine patents related to memory controllers and graphics processors.

But now Rambus has approached the ITC and said four of those patents are not being infringed by Nvidia, and a number of claims relating to the fifth patent have also been withdrawn.

Which leaves, of course, several patents which Rambus still believes Nvidia are infringing.

Nvidia’s corporate lawyer, David Shannon, said: “We are pleased Rambus has recognized the weakness of these patents and claims. These withdrawals represent essentially half of the patents and one third of the claims asserted against us, and we look forward to addressing the remainder of the case.”