Quick SMS services for big and small financial companies

Every manager today realises how important it is to keep a strong contact with their clients. This is why companies spend tons of money on various promo productions, like:

  • cups,
  • mugs,
  • t-shirts,
  • badges,
  • other items with their logo.

All this is presented to customers too often.However, soon people notice their cupboards stuffed with ugly mugs and their drawers overloaded with low-quality outfits they will hardly wear.

Other companies use annoying phone calls system. this one works a bit better, but too often corporate numbers find themselves resting in black list. Rarely a Development centre starts looking for new solutions, but those who do – find worthy offers with help of

https://www.intistele.com/solutions/finance_organizations/ and a few hours of constant brainstorming. If the team is good – they can make this scheme work for good in just days.

Why SMS?

Short text messages are less annoying than phone calls and will make clients at least glance at new information provided. A message can be read at the most convenient time for the customer without distracting them from more important things. Thus your company will not be associated with intrusive service.

In addition, one person is enough for sending thousands of messages at a time. Such software has nice and handy interface, where you can add your phone base and even sort it into groups if needed to send one message to the whole group of clients. Right after this SMS service can start its work.

What is it used for?

SMS service is one of the best informative methods. If you owe a bank or any other financial establishment – you can be interested in SMS service that can work for updating customers on new events, sending invites for parties, informing on money transfers or withdrawal of funds from their bank accounts.

If there is any current need for a customer to show up for documents verification, or any other procedure – do not call, send a message.

How does it work?

Any SMS service is a combination of hardware and software. They both are responsible for sending, receiving and storing all messages of one company. To make this service work, one needs an SMS server and SMS gateway.

It does not mean you should get both – company provider gives an access to its servers distantly. All we need is a PC connected to Internet.

What we need is a registration in provider’s system, then we can count value of each message using calculator in our panel. As soon as we get connected – we can use our clients base for sending up to ten thousands messages every minute.

Usually clients get their messages seconds after they were sent. One more good thing is, there is no need in using corporate phone numbers – such services often include an option of using a short name instead of figures.

Another good reason is – this process can be automated. Clients will receive new messages on each money transfer without human resource – fill in corresponding fields and enjoy.