Quick fixes to make money sitting at home

Who doesn’t need some extra cash? However, creating a steady source of income is only possible through a business or by being employed. This doesn’t mean that you can not make some extra cash working from the comfort of your home.

We all need this kind of cash for different reasons. For some, it is an extra source of passive income, for others, it is the sole source of income while they look for a job. Thanks to the internet, there are a number of things you can from the comfort of your home to make some easy money.

The best part is, unlike other full-time jobs, these jobs or hacks don’t require you to have specific skills or work experience. All you need is a computer and an internet connection, and you can start making some easy cash immediately.

Sell off useless stuff

Almost all of us have stuff that we do not use. While it is advisable to keep the clutter in your life to a bare minimum, a lot of us cannot let go of things we have spent a lot of money or time on, even if we do not use them anymore.

As we all know, it is impossible to bring back lost time, you can still get some of the money you have spent on certain items. For instance, you might have a scrap, accidental car standing in your driveway. Usually, this kind of vehicle stays and occupies unnecessary space on our properties for months at stretch. It is best to contact a cash for scrap cars service and get the vehicle removed from your property. The best part is, you will end up making some serious cash in the process!

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a social bug like me, affiliate marketing is the way to go. It simply means, if you have a good social presence, enough to be able to influence at least SOME people, you can make money off of it. There are a number of affiliate marketing programs where you can become a publisher, and start making money immediately. If you are smart enough, you can make a good amount of cash through affiliate marketing.

There are a number of people that use affiliate marketing as their main source of income. However, these people usually have a VERY prominent social presence, which you might not have. This absolutely doesn’t mean you cannot make money off affiliate marketing. Just share your link everywhere you can, with your neighbours, relatives, school friends, current friends, and for every purchase made through your link, you will be paid!

Online Surveys

Online surveys have recently become one of the most popular ways to make money online. Scores of job hunters and students take online surveys in the free time to make some extra cash.

A few minutes filling a form can get you up to $5 in Paypal money! Most of the websites have no minimum cash out limit, and allow cash out for as little as 10 cents. While there are hundreds of websites that pay remote workers to fill out forms, the most popular are Swagbucks, Onepoll, and Surveybods.


These were just a few ways through which, you can immediately start making money sitting right where you are right now. Social media networks like Facebook have dedicated communities that educate people about make money from home opportunities. The expanse of the internet is vast, and you can find virtually anything you are looking for, given that you look hard enough. All the best!