Promotional Campaign Essentials for Successful Marketing

There is a reason why promotional products have survived the test of time. This type of marketing strategy has a long lasting influence on consumers, as well as providing the most impressions per cost than any other form of marketing.

Throughout the history of promotional merchandising, there have been a number of products that border on the outrageous, while others are actually helpful. In this article, we would like to share with the reader some of the most creatively clever promotional products out there.

Promotional Drones

Drones are not just being used by law enforcement and military. More and more companies are beginning to use drones in the battle over hearts and minds in the battlefield of marketing. Promotional drones are becoming a serious tool to promote all kinds of brands from big name real estate to soda companies.

I mean, really? Who doesn’t love a remotely controlled flying apparatus to pass time with? Believe or not, you can provide people their very own drone featuring your personal message or brand for as low as $40 and as high as $150.

The more pricey drones offer video and still photo cameras so that you can take aerial videos and photos. Even though these are some of the pricier items on this list, this sort of promotional item is sure to keep you in the recipient’s minds for quite some time.

Retro Bluetooth Phone Handset For Smartphones

We all know that retro is the new fad. Why not bring a few smiles here and there promoting your brand through this neat little product. This is a really fun accessory for any smartphone.

There are also versions of the retro phone set with a cord that you connect to the earplug port. Most of the brands that advertise this nifty little promotional gift point out at the potential of lowering the risk to radiation exposure, you know, since you’re not holding the actual handset up to your ear. I guess that makes sense. Great selling point.

Bluetooth Keyboard

The world of Bluetooth devices just keeps getting better and better as the technology advances. Bluetooth keyboards are excellent promotional gifts for any event or gathering. Most of these smart little keyboards are foldable and come with stands to support most smartphones. This makes typing on your smartphone so much easier.

What is awesome about this nifty gadget is that it supports many of the new word processor applications that are annoying to use with the regular devices’ keyboard. All you have to do now is add your brand on it. What a great way to leave an impression on clients.

Custom Fidget Spinners

The Fidget Spinner was rated as the Forbes 2017 must-have office toy.

The fidget spinner has a really cool history. As its name implies, it is a toy to relieve stress (or fidgeting about) that was actually thought of and patented in 1993 by Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer by training.

She was concerned about the children in Israel who had nothing to do other than throwing rocks at vehicles and security officers. Her solution was to create a toy that occupied the children’s minds and keep them from destructive behavior. Unfortunately, the patent expired in 2005 without her ever being able to produce the toy herself.

Today, the fidget spinner has become a big trend among youth and adults alike. Hettinger’s stress relieving toy has been a great success across the globe, featured in hundreds of YouTube videos with people doing tricks with them.

They are also customizable by adding brand names and logos to them. This is an affordable and fun promotional gift that anyone would love.

Amazingly, while all these products are really cool and fresh in the realm of promotional merchandising, Australians find the promotional USB and ink pen are still ranked at the top of the list as being the most popular. I guess no one can lose when provided a new USB or an ink pen. At a little more distant third (12.2 percent), sits promotional bags.

When you are considering what kind of promotional items to use in your next campaign there are some things you should consider. Firstly, does the item fit with your brand and communicate well with your target niche? Secondly, is it an item that will last for a while? Some items may seem cool at first glance but may not last the test of time. The point of investing in that promotional item is to utilize a form of brand awareness that will last for some time. A coffee mug may seem plain-Jane, nonetheless remember how many of those mugs you still see around offices and people’s kitchens