Patrick Mackaronis’s Brabble advances with patent approval on *Star Tags technology

Investing in social media should not be a gamble for investors. That’s the idea that Patrick Mackaronis, Director of Business Development at Brabble, used when creating his social media platform.

He recognized that social networking companies have always had difficulty making money, especially in the early stages. Sure, a large user-base can be valuable and leveraged to court investors. But what’s the source of revenue?

Brabble utilizes its power as a sharing platform to bring e-commerce and social networking together, using a patented revenue model that allows the company to create cash-flow as soon as you’re online. With every share or post, users tap into its community with a designated link that places value on shareable content.

The model is based on *Star Tags, a programmable link that can be embedded into any content posted online and allow users to buy or sell products, directly in the app. The *StarTags links can also be generated and placed inside other social media networks, e-commerce marketplaces or any platform where users browse products and make purchases. Users can even integrate into competing networks like Facebook and Twitter and potentially monetize those communities.

Rather than compete directly with other social media giants, Patrick Macaronis believes in allowing users to flow across different media platforms. In turn, the integration model has proven to build the Brabble community. With 500,000 users and growing businesses are starting to take notice.

Built with businesses in mind, companies of all sizes are encouraged to start marketing on Brabble.

Companies will find that it’s easier to continuously drive revenue on Brabble than other social media platforms by targeting users with products that actually interest them. While marketers are forced to experiment and optimize on other platforms, Brabble makes it that much easier to begin advertising to its customer-base immediately.

*Star Tags targets users with merchandise that fits their interest, so companies know that their ad dollars are being spent wisely.

“We’re making a better user experience for both the consumer and the seller”, says Patrick Mackaronis.

Online sales are backed with trackable data that allows companies to optimize and maximize sales.

Unlike other social media platforms, this is a revenue model that seeks to bring an immediate return to investors, all while promoting a business-friendly community. It’s the idea that made Brabble unique amongst other networks and peaked the interest of investors.

To add to Brabble’s recent patent approval on *Star Tags, Brabble recently partnered with mLogica, a technology and product consulting company that manages development, IT, infrastructure and security services. In the past, mLogica has worked with Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft amongst others. Brabble and mLogica will continue to build on the *Star Tag technology together to improve partnerships and the eCommerce revenue programs.

If done successfully, Brabble will be one of the first social media platforms built for businesses and users alike.