Outspoken Samsung CTO Omar Kham resigns

Omar Khan, Samsung’s chief technology officer and one of the most vocal figures in the company’s mobile strategy, has resigned.

We saw Khan at many a Samsung event at the company’s event space headquarters in New York City and at trade shows around the country. He was usually the one to debut any new Samsung Mobile product, including the first line of Galaxy S phones, the Galaxy Tab and many other smartphones.

In addition to hammering out the technical side of things, Khan was very much integral to the marketing and promotion of the company’s devices.

The Droid Guy, which broke the story of Khan’s departure, said he was the driving force behind the branding of the “Galaxy” name, which has been one of Samsung’s best moves in its entire time in the mobile phone space.

Khan will be taking his passion for mobile technology to Citigroup, where he’ll oversee that company’s mobile division. Citi is lacking in this space at the moment, playing catch-up to more dominant corporations like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America.

With Khan at the helm, though, Citi could become a formidable player. What this means for the future of Samsung, though, is up in the air. We’ve been to some rather bungled Samsung media events when Khan isn’t around, so it seems like he was really the glue of the company.