Online Video Makers vs. Digital Companies: Which one to choose?

When planning your inbound marketing strategy, marketers are exploring different types of content formats. In recent years, there is a lot of debate on which type of content marketing drives more sale: video marketing or text-based marketing. While the marketers are discussing which one is better, let’s check out some stats that will help us better understand the insight of content marketing.

Have you ever heard such an expression as video marketing is the new oil? Then look at this: By 2019, 80% of content will be video. Moreover, 90% of consumers state that after watching a product video they are more than likely to purchase it. Well, maybe it would be fair to say that at this point video marketing is winning over the text-based marketing.

There are a lot of digital marketing agencies all around the world. However, not so long ago many of them did not pay appropriate attention to video marketing. Yet, now they are including video marketing as a separate service, sometimes even there are only video-centered digital marketing agencies. And this is not accidental. Day by day the demand of video marketing is growing among businesses. There is a huge competition in the sphere. To choose a good video marketing agency is not one of easy tasks for businesses. Yet, you don’t have to make big investments to have a successful video campaign.

Video marketing campaigns worth watching

Trust us your customers need a video of your product to understand why they need it. According to 2018 survey, 54% of consumers prefer to watch a video from a company they support than any other types of content. However sometimes the success of your video marketing is not creating solely a video for sale but also to show the authenticity of your company.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shop

You can see a great example of video marketing for a small business. In this video, you see a personal and authentic touch of Jeni’s small ice cream shop in Columbus, Ohio. She does not use any studio-level equipment. She only makes the food in front of you, you see what the ingredients are and after watching the video you feel like that’s the shop is in your must go list.

Geico ad with a hungry dog

You have probably skipped at least one YouTube pre-roll ad, haven’t you? Some marketers are really smart. In this video, Geico used a very clever strategy, they put the emphasis of the ad on the first 5 seconds. This is exactly how much you have to watch before the skip button appears on YouTube. But wait, you don’t want to skip this ad. The main part is over but you want to see the end of the ad. They artificially created a sense of expectation in the viewer, so you simply can’t skip it. What a genius. One more thing, the logo of the company probably grabbed your attention so no need for a call to action.

Burger King anti pre-roll YouTube ad

Look at this funny ad from Burger King. These guys are making fun of what they are doing and still can draw your attention to the deal. Well, of course, anti-ad is also ad. It’s kind of black PR, but still, it is PR. People like this ad because it’s like a breath of fresh air. In this video, they also show an emotion of what people feel when another pre-roll YouTube ad turns on. This may be another reason for the success of the campaign.

There are a lot of other video campaigns that had a real success even though there were not shot by a professional team and expensive equipment. Today, with a fast-developing technology, it has become much easier for business to make a successful video marketing campaign. Let’s see how you can make a video with a little budget.

Online video makers to the rescue!

In the case of digital marketing agencies you have to spend a fortune on shooting a professional video and yet not to be sure that it succeeds. On the other hand, in the case of online video makers, you can create a video that is both affordable and is destined to success.

First off, you are the one who makes the video or at least your in-house marketer. They know your product perfectly and can emphasize the benefits and show from the best side. Yet, digital marketing agencies usually make a video having a little knowledge about your business, as much as you tell them. They might even not have any idea about your industry but have to make a promotional video of your service.

Secondly, with online video makers you are able to save money on video shooting and hiring a staff to do video editing. This is a big saving for your company. Using an online video maker such as Renderforest will free you from all the hassles of video creation. You get a huge stock of free videos that can be used to create efficiently it.

Why choose Renderforest as your online video maker?

Renderforest is a free online video making tool that will facilitate the process of video creation. It’s a plug and play platform that enables to make videos in several minutes. You can create different types of videos such as explainer video, intros, whiteboard animated, slideshows, and music visualization, to name a few. Let’s see how Renderforest differs from other online video makers:

· Everything is saved automatically in your cloud dashboard

· Projects can be edited from anywhere and any device

· Videos are downloaded or published with one click to YouTube and Facebook

· Over 115.000+ stock video footages can be used in your projects

· Royalty free commercial music collection is available

Bonus: Check these useful tips that you can follow to make a video that engages your target audience:

1. Focus on a story, not sale

2. Make it short and to the point

3. Use a bit of humor not to seem boring

4. Optimize for SEO

5. Educate your audience

6. Consider where your customers hang out

Maybe it’s your turn? Look through the templates and create a successful video for your business right now.


Mr. Arslan Riaz is an entrepreneur, marketer and writer. Moreover he is customer manager of where you can find him providing best services for SEO, article writing, logo designing and some other services related to information technology world.