"Old Spice Man" takes online advertising to a new, and personalized, level

For whatever reason, the tall, muscular, and shirtless guy from those Old Spice commercials has created a lot of fans, and he’s probably even more popular after he spent all day yesterday creating personalized videos to individual users.

For people who happen to follow Old Spice Man (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), users were able to send Twitter messages to @OldSpice with whatever kinds of comments they wanted, and were then treated with an almost-instant Youtube video of the man himself responding to each comment.

Celebrities even got involved, as Alyssa Milano Tweeted that she though the shirtless guy was flirting with her. His response:

There were plenty of video replies to just regular, ordinary people as well, like this one:

It was certainly a busy day for Old Spice Man, whose real name is Isaiah Mustafa, but it showed just how powerful social networking can be to create brand awareness. I bet all of you reading out there feel the need to buy deodorant now, right?