Nvidia looking to buy into VIA

Taipei (Taiwan) – Nvidia is reportedly interested in buying some of the 300 million news shares offered by VIA Technologies, maker of alternate x86-based CPUs C7-M and Nano typically found in power-saving netbooks.

The shares will reportedly be offered between NT$9 to NT$12 ($0.27 to $0.35) per share, and Nvidia is talking directly with VIA about “taking up a portion of the new shares,” according to DigiTimes who cites “market sources”.

If true, this may be the way Nvidia enters into the x86 CPU market, as CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has said his company is eyeing the x86 CPU market as a possible future business venture. This would supplement Nvidia’s existing GPU and chipset business, allowing them to complete full x86-based computer system in addition to the ARM-based CPU (Tegra) business they already have.

See DigiTimes.