New Apple ads aims at usual PC weaknesses

Cupertino (CA) – Apple continues its almost 3-year old advertising campaign “Get a Mac” with four new ads. The new ads position John Hodgman’s PC character as unstable, difficult to use and security weaknesses and the fact that PC is virus prone – topics we have heard before. They may get a bit old, but they are still very effective for Apple.

Not surprisingly, Apple ads follow and respond to Microsoft’s recent ad attacks. The new advertisements can be viewed via the Apple Web site and should begin hitting our television screens soon. The new ads reiterate the claims that PCs are difficult to use, have stability issues and security holes.
With the newest Microsoft advertisements focusing on the high prices of the Mac in the current economic times, Apple had to fire back in general, but the company chose to stay away from a price war and rather touched on a small pricing issue, citing specifically the concept of the high price of facial recognition technology in the new iPhoto, the Mac guy  explains that this technology comes free with every new Mac purchase.  

Avoiding a price war is probably a smart move for Apple, as the company has always held strong, and even TG Daily’s PC enthusiast Wolfgang Gruener (sorry, Wolfgang 🙂 ) agrees that when purchasing a Mac you are buying an experience. PCs cannot deliver a similar coherent experience at this time.

In one ad, PC is wearing a biohazard suit, which would show the increased attention that is being paid to keeping PCs secure after recent widespread attacks of the Conficker worm. Of course, the ad does not mention that Macs aren’t that safe anymore either. This weekend, two researchers from Symantec discovered two separate variants of Mac malware, which have developed into a Mac botnet, including code that is capable of stealing information. And as Macs increase their market share, they will become a much more interesting target for malware authors and we should see the number worms and viruses hitting Macs increase.

The new ads also hit on the “Legal copy” issue in Microsoft’s ads. Each time the PC character says something that might be questionable, a disclaimer pops up on the bottom of the screen in tiny print until both the Mac and the PC guy seem confused.

Apple really fails to come up with any new concepts in their ads.  Apple’s ad strategy remains the same, Apple works to pit the Mac as a simple to use and more reliable computer however, it does not really hit on or reference price. Mac ads have worked in the past, as the company seems to continue to do well, however if Microsoft continues to utilize their advertisements to knock on the company it is going to need to paint a new face on their campaigns, as these may soon become rather stale.