Mozilla taps mobile expert as new CEO

The company best known for its Firefox Internet browser has just crowned a brand new CEO, this time bringing in a guy whose past expertise is in the mobile market.

Gary Kovacs will step into Mozilla’s office as its new head executive on November 8. He’s tasked with “leading the overall direction of the organization and its products, including the Firefox Web browser,” according to a blog post on Mozilla’s official website.

With Kovacs’ past work experience, it’s easy to see where Mozilla is heading. The man was Adobe’s VP of mobile for years, he worked on mobile products at Macromedia, and he previously held the title of VP of mobile for SAP.

The new hiring decision comes just as Mozilla is preparing to launch a full-featured browser for Android. It could become the most powerful and user-friendly mobile browser to date, and Kovacs is probably the man who can make it happen.

But Mozilla’s central focus will likely continue to be in the PC world. Firefox has continued to take away market share from the dominant Internet Explorer, but Google’s Chrome browser has placed serious pressure on Firefox as a growing choice for an IE alternative.

Mozilla’s current CEO, John Lilly, announced in May that he was planning on leaving the company.