Microsoft sees game consoles in the 21st century workplace

Farmville. Halo. Zelda. These are all words that are ingrained in the lexicon of today’s working class. Will that change the landscape of the workplace environment? Microsoft says maybe.

Not just Microsoft offices, but in offices all around the world. Microsoft UK government blogger “Ian” wrote an interesting piece today about the impact of video game dominance and how that might bleed into areas other than leisure time.

“This is the ‘digital native’ generation that has grown up with their own PC, social media and gaming – and is now increasingly entering your workforce,” he wrote. “Their use and application of technology to every aspect of their personal and professional lives is changing the culture, environment and expectations … in the workplace in both commercial and public sector organisations.”

Today’s trendy tech offices have arcade games set up in the break room. Employees are connected through social networks. Even governments around the world are getting involved not only on Twitter and Facebook but have also dabbled in video game media like Second Life.

It’s just beginning to emerge, though. Today’s corporate executives, say the 50+ crowd, may appreciate the value of social media and gaming but are much less likely to use those applications in their leisure time than the generation climbing up through entry-level ladders. What happens when those guys start taking over? Time will tell.