Microsoft and Yahoo still working on pre-nup

Despite reports that Microsoft and Yahoo were close to a Google-worrying marriage deal last week, the two sides are still no closer to consummating their never-ending fairytale romance.

Last week Microsoft executives were seen wining and dining Yahoo executives. They told hacks who asked what they were doing that things were “down to the short strokes” and everything should be sorted out soon.

The three Prince Charmings were Microsoft’s top online executives Yusuf Mehdi, Satya Nadella, and Qi Lu.  However it seems that Redmond’s capacious corporate drinks expense account has so far not been enough to make Yahoo say ‘I do’.

Yahoo’s board met yesterday for an update on the talks but nothing came out of that meeting either.

Blushing bride-to-be Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz said a couple of months back that she was open to a deal if her suitor had ‘boatloads of money’. In this case, a ‘boatload’ equates to several billion dollars in cash to take over Yahoo’s search advertising business, together with some display advertising arrangement involving Yahoo taking the lead in selling advertising for the newlyweds.

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