Leveraging Instagram for your business – How it helps your business grow

If you’ve clicked on this post, it means you’ve already realized that Instagram is one of the most vital social networks out there in the market. This photo-sharing app isn’t only vital for restaurants, retailers or travel companies but they can even be a great tool for building brands for every type of business. Instagram has gradually become a hub for regular people where they find out their visual identity for a specific business. Hence, without a strong Instagram presence, companies fret about being forgotten, especially among the consumers who belong to the next generation.

When taken seriously, Instagram can open up an entire world of opportunity for your brand and this is probably the reason behind Forrester naming it the ‘king of social engagement’. It has been studied that Instagram delivered brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and around 120 times more engagement for every follower than Twitter. In fact, an Instagram search engine, Mulpix has also gained momentum only due to the fact that is makes your Instagram search easier by the use of multiple hashtags.

Instagram for Business – Few tips from experts

1. Familiarise yourself with how to use Instagram for the welfare of your business

Droves of businesses have been flocking to Instagram in response to which they started Instagram for Business blog which offers brand spotlights, tips, news from Instagram HQ and API examples. Add it to your reader and keep on upgrading yourself on the latest and the coolest ways of using Instagram as a platform for your business.

2. Cultivate a decent number of followers

There are 3 useful tips for obtaining more and more followers on Instagram. You can either connect your Facebook account or utilize popular and relevant hashtags or engage by liking other’s photos and following them. Keep cross-posting chosen images to your Facebook page with a hashtag which is relevant to the brand campaign and image. This will help others know that you’re there on Instagram and they can even find you out easily.

3. Use Debut Videos

The recent addition to Instagram, Video on Instagram has given a serious competition to Twitter’s Vine. This is a notable 15 second, filter-enabled video which has edit functions as compared to Vine which has a merely short 6.5 seconds. Check the web to know more on the differences between Instagram and Vine.

4. Instagram should be embedded in your website or blog

Instagram has recently released a new embed feature for its web browser version for desktops. There are several instructions and examples on how to use and embed Instagram videos. Since you can never know who can see your shares on this social networking platform, you can embed your video in your website or blog so that you can extend the reach of the content.

5. Followers need to be followed back

The people whom you follow on the social media make all the difference in the world. Interestingly, there are many brands on Instagram which don’t follow back. If you wish to create strategic relations on Instagram, find out the brands which you enjoy and from which you think you can learn. Follow them back in order to grab a good response.

6. Leverage the power of apps

There has always been a list of 20 apps which can improve your photo-sharing experience. Nowadays there are apps which allow users to search tags, print images, search keywords and download all photos on Instagram. You can utilize the apps to make Instagram a noteworthy part of your social media marketing strategy.

Therefore, if you’ve been confused about whether or not you should use Instagram for your business, you must have been intrigued by the several points given above. Use this social networking giant to get best results for your business ROI.