Kodak introduces mandatory purchases for online photo storage

Chicago (IL) – Most consumers who are storing pictures with Kodak’s Gallery service may order photos anyway, but if you don’t be prepared to spend at least $5 per year or pictures will be deleted, the company said today.

The company said it changed its terms of service and now requires all of its customers who are storing pictures through its service to purchase a minimum of prints every year. People who are storing 2 GB or less will have to order pictures for at least $4.99 per year and those who are storing more than 2 GB have to spend at least $19.99 per year.

“Failure to meet this requirement may result in your photos being deleted from the Gallery,” Kodak said.

Gallery users can check their storage status and within the My Account page of the Gallery website, which lists the time frame within a user is required to make the “next qualifying purchase to meet [Kodak’s] Storage Policy requirements,” the new terms of use state.