ISE 2018 Roundup – Kinly Launch

At Integrated Systems Europe 2018 that was recently hosted in early February, several new announcements were made in the latest AV and systems integration technologies and solutions. With over 1,200 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors, this is the biggest ISE yet with next years expected to easily beat this years figures.

Every year there’s something new announced in the fast moving AV industry and this year didn’t disappoint. A new name in collaboration was born, Kinly, formed from the merger of VisionsConnected and Viju.

Kinly is one of the world’s largest systems integration companies, with a huge global presence from all over the UK, US, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and many more. With projects being completed in over 120 countries worldwide, you won’t find a more global business than Kinly.

Both VisionsConnected and Viju were leading players in video communication, so when they reformed into Kinly, they’re entirely devoted to collaboration projects worldwide. Their company slogan, “Working together. Everywhere” works alongside this, aiming to allow people to collaborate on a global scale, regardless of their location. With technology changing at a fast pace, it’s not surprising that the workplace should also adapt to keep up with the change. Kinly aims to provide a seamless experience for everyone, whether you’re at home in your office, in a meeting room at work or on the hotel wifi connecting over Skype, you deserve pristine quality.

Chief solutions officer Raymond Alves stated in the March edition of Installation Magazine that “There is a lot of collaboration within an organisation and between organisations and that collaboration does not always work in a perfect manner. So we have been dealing with a lot of technological fixes to make meetings run. And while doing that, we worked with a lot of partners – but at the end the customer was asking, ‘Can you take overall responsibility for those meetings?’” More and more Kinly found that clients didn’t want to bother with overall control of their meeting along with all the problems that come with them. Today, the customer wants a seamless experience, to connect to their colleague or prospective client and begin to collaborate, no time wasted.

If you have a large corporation in today’s fast moving world, which may have 40+ AV contractors, if they make their own technological decisions then you’ve got a complete mess when you try to connect them all and make overall, global decisions. Having technology that works together seamlessly, based upon the users own preferences, allows teams to collaborate at the next level without having to deal with common conferencing problems.

We’ve all been through them meetings where nothing goes right, and you’ve sat there waiting to connect or sort out the equipment. Nothing would be better to have it all sorted out for you, to instantly connect to anybody around the globe and just get on with work. That’s what Kinly is striving to achieve. Although Kinly has just started, they’re making waves throughout the industry and are aiming to change the way we interact in the years to come.