Intel delays "Menlow" Atoms, mulls increasing prices in China

Santa Clara (CA) – Intel is reportedly delaying the launch of its 1.2 GHz and 2.0 GHz Menlow-based Atoms until mid-April, about three weeks from now. The reports come from MID makers and follow additional reports Intel is also looking to raise its N270 Atom price in China.

The Z550 and Z515 Menlow-based CPUs consume an average power of 0.22 watts, with a TDP of 2.4 watts and will operate on Intel’s US15W chipset. The Z515 has an option of Intel’s low-power UL11L chipset, and has Burst Performance Technology which automatically adjusts the core frequency as workloads vary.

DigiTimes also reports Intel is looking to increase its Atom N270 CPU price in china “due to recent upstream component shortages caused by a significant increase in the number of China makers entering the white-box netbook maker.” Intel will increase its N270 prices to those of N280, “or else N270 CPUs may start seeing a shortage in the China market in April, noted the sources.”

See DigiTimes.