Intel Corporation sues Harris Corporation over Centrino mark

Giant chip firm Intel took issue with Harris Corporation and filed a trademark infringement case in a Northern California district court at the end of last week.

Intel alleges that by using a trademark and trade name called Centrio, Harris is likely to cause confusion to people who will confuse it with its Centrino trademark.

There is only one letter of the alphabet missing between the two, and that is the letter “n”.

Intel said in the filing that Harris has caused and is likely to cause confusion about products and also dilutes its Centrino trademark. It also says in the allegation that it suggests there is a connection between it and Harris.

The chip giant started the Centrino brand name in 2003 and said it has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and promoting products under that name

It continues: “The Centrio trademark is substantially and confusingly similar to the Centrino trademark. Centrio is nearly identical in sight and sound, to the world famous Centrino trademark.”

It continues: “Intel has made numerous attempts in good faith to resolve this dispute amicably with Harris but such efforts have been unsuccessful.”

Hence Intel has resorted to lawyers. Centrio is a “breakthrough multiviewer”, as you can see here. Harris has engineers. Intel has engineers. There’s a regular exchange of engineer jobs from one corporation to another. The letter “n” has acquired a new potency with this filing.