Intel boss confident of market upturn

London, England – Intel CEO Paul Otellini reckons he can see light at the end of the tunnel for the IT industry.

The PC industry will sell as many computers this year as it did in 2008, Otellini told the BBC, saying that considering the seriousness of the recession it was ‘a pretty good result’ and that people were buying them because they had become indispensible.

“If it breaks you don’t wait for the end of the recession to replace it,” he said. “When recessions end, people want the latest technology. They don’t want the technology that existed when the recession started two years ago.”

Otellini also slammed the EU for fining the chip giant €1.06 billion for antitrust violations:

“We’ll appeal the decision out of Brussels, I’m comfortable we’ll win. The process was one that did not look at all the evidence and didn’t balance all the facts.”

The BBC interview was also notable for the organisation asking its readers to suggest questions to ask Otellini, giving credence to the belief that its technology staff know nothing about any technology that doesn’t carry an Apple logo.

You can read the whole thing here.