Intel accused of sexism, anti-Americanism

American company Intel has come under fire for one of the Sponsors of Tomorrow ads it’s running.

According to this blog, “some Americans” would find it objectionable because, claims the writer, it’s “thinly disguised diversity propaganda to make citizens surrender to workplace displacement by foreigners.

Americans, it continues, are “swooning in adoration” at the sight of an Indian who is superior to them.

Intel is also accused of sexism with Intel’s Ajay Bhatt causing women to swoon. “Why would a young American man even try to compete with an alpha male of such dominance?”

The blog alleges that Intel is just protecting its bottom line, which benefits from hiring thousands of H-1b workers.

Of course, most if not all of this is unjust. Craig Barrett – pictured on the front page and the ex-CEO of Intel, was always banging on about how the US needed to get its educational act together to face the threat from developing countries like India and China.

Also, while Ajay Bhatt is certainly an Indian name, for all we know he’s an American citizen too. You can accuse Intel of many things, but sexism and discrimination certainly aren’t part of its lexicon. The ad is here, the blog is here.  This isn’t the real Ajay Bhatt in the ad, of course, it’s played by an actor. The real Ajay Bhatt lives here.