Insurance company sues HP for server melt-down

The insurance company of an HP customer has sued the hardware market for $990,000 in damages and lost profits.

According to Information Week,   BDP International, a shipping and logistics company, was the proud owner of an HP StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) system which it bought from a an  HP dealer Razor, Inc. and had it installed at a secure datacenter operated by SunGard Recovery Services in 2006. 

However,  according to court papers a year later  there was a catastrophic failure in the unit. BDP suffered damage and destruction to the unit and its business in an amount in excess of $990,000.

HP is now being sued by Great Northern Insurance which said that  it paid a claim in that amount to purchased by BDP suffered “catastrophic failure.”

There are five models in its StorageWorks Enterprise line, ranging from 96 TB to 324 TB in capacity and the the lawsuit does not specify the model in question or what exactly happened to it.

Great Northern alleges HP failed to properly design and install the storage system, failed to properly service and monitor the unit, and failed to properly train its service representatives.
HP has yet to file a formal response about the court case.