Innovating through technology in the gun industry

Technology has made its presence felt in almost all fields. Not only has it made our lives convenient, in fields like firearms technology it has led to the creation of guns which are safe and accurate. Apart from that, you can see the majority of them being collapsible, modular and lighter and hence easy to operate and handle. Have a look at some of the innovative technology changes the gun industry has seen in the last few years.

Polymer is the new trend

New polymer composite tests are being used to find out ways to make the gun lighter, durable, high temperature resistant and able to limit recoil. Advancements seen in this segment has led scientists to find multiple ways in which the impact of the recoil can be limited to the gun instead of the user’s hand. Since these polymer materials are stronger the industry will eventually be able to find a complete plastic but durable weapon. It is this reason that companies like Glock ventured into polymer adapted pistols and their Polymer G pistols have since then been adopted by many police departments in the USA.

3D printing

Initially 3D printing was limited to only providing us models and creative designs it can now be used for other purposes too. Whatever material the printer is capable of processing you can always use it to design a gun. There have been efforts from a Texas-based company Solid Concepts to create a simple firearm from scratch with the help of 3 D printing. While they were able to prove that a firearm created in this manner is definitely more durable let’s see what the future holds for them.

Modular designs

Personalization in any form has gained a lot of prominences and the firearm industry is also witness to this fact. The manufacturers have capitalized the trend by introducing modular weapons. Special Operations Forces combat assault rifle (SCAR) can be conveniently modified and used as a close quarter’s battle (COB) rifle. If you adjust the barrels and make some more adjustments you would be able to make it a DMR rifle which is capable of reaching out to even farther ranges.

While models like AR15 were previously also available for such modification it is only recently that the time taken to do that has been reduced to only 5 minutes. Since the time needed is reduced you can easily change them as per your requirement irrespective of the location. We now see militaries opting for these firearms to teach their soldiers the abilities of one gun and deal with multiple kinds of them at the same time. While previously the pistols only had the ability to fire bullets they are nowadays fit with changeable gun optics, gun scopes, lasers, and magazines. Personalisation is the key and it gives you firearms which you can modify as per your need.

As we see the market now it is evident that many years down the line we will start getting firearms which are diverse and much more capable than the ones available now. The technology will keep on changing the new models and this would lead to a price cut on the old models. However, one thing that we are sure of that is while we have the present models available at cheaper rates the new ones are going to have very high-quality standards.