Impact of Artificial Intelligence on The Branding Industry   

The majority of new-age technologies have led to the speculation of “what to expect”. On one end of the spectrum, there are expectations that these technologies will help us grow as a society faster than ever. However, on the other end, people are wondering whether they will lose their job because of artificial intelligence, automation, etc.

At any rate, what many of the world’s smartest people think about AI is that can bring positive results “if we manage it well” (Bill Gates), and that it’s the “biggest event in the human history” (Stephen Hawking).

The impact of AI is already apparent in a variety of industries. Talking about branding in particular, the following are some of the major areas which change is clearly visible:

Social Media

Social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. are heavily funding their AI projects to offer unparalleled marketing services to their customers. They are using bots to learn how their users are interacting with the ads, capitalizing on highly complex algorithms that curate newsfeeds based on every individual user’s preferences, etc.

With AI, companies are able to target their ads much better and enjoy a conversion rate that was never achieved before. It is also helping them to optimize their content on the social media channels.

For instance, The New York Times built an app called Blossom that collects and analyses the engagement data based on its stories and helps them decide which of their hundreds of stories shared every day needs maximum focus.

Branding in Small Businesses

Multi-billion dollar corporations have sizeable budgets to get their branding done by a dedicated staff. However, small businesses can’t afford that luxury. This is the reason why AI emerged as the perfect solution to how to brand a small business.

Innovative companies like Tailor Brands are offering comprehensive branding suites with tools for logo making, Facebook ads, social media banners, brand analytics, etc. Their product is backed by a powerful AI that’s capable of delivering results that are not only much more affordable than going to brick and mortar stores but are also, in fact, better in terms of quality and personal likeability.

Their AI has evolved to such a level that it can understand the branding needs of all kinds of companies by taking their inputs and applying the information to its database to create company logos and other branding visuals that are apt and delivered in a small amount of time.

Predictive Analysis

Customer relationship has always been one of the most important aspects of branding. Now, AI’s Predictive Analysis is helping us take that to the next level.

Big e-commerce players like Amazon and eBay have mastered predicting customer behaviour and preferences. What for a long time was based on only static data is now changing with AI which is able to utilize the data much better with a dynamic approach.

Forrester recently published a new study that identified three main categories of B2B marketing using predictive analysis:

  • Predictive-scoring: Scoring known prospects on the basis of their likeliness to take action.
  • Identification Models: Identification of prospects that have similar attributes.
  • Automated Segmentation: Dividing the prospects into different categories for personalized messaging.

When a system (AI, in this case) can predict the preferences of your leads, divide them on the same basis, and then nurture them with personalized messaging depending on their segment, then this kind of automation can do wonders. In fact, companies like Onefootball are already using predictive analysis to enjoy this kind of benefit.

The Bottom Line

Strong branding is much more than just creating a company logo and social media pages. To get results, you have to constantly push your brand across all kinds of platforms through visuals and other kinds of content. Fortunately, today you have AI to make your job much easier.