IBM lends its powers to collect back taxes

You may love IBM for its market-leading innovation and valuable services, but if you owe back taxes, it’s about to become your worst nightmare.

IBM today announced a new version of its Tax Collections Optimizer software, according to a Cnet report. The software crunches data to determine where likely tax-skippers are and recommends solutions on how to collect unpaid taxes.

It automatically creates prioritized lists based on amounts owed, complexity of each case, and the history of each taxpayer that owes money to individual state governments. Then it suggests the best course of action to most effectively recover the most money without overloading its resources.

“The current processes used to recover unpaid funds by tax agencies around the world are complex, outdated, costly, and generally ineffective,” said Michael Schroeck, VP of business analytics and optimization services for IBM.

IBM is offering its services to state governments in a solution that it hopes can help streamline the process of finding and resolving delinquent tax issues. New York state hopes that IBM can help it collect as much as $100 million in back taxes that it may not have been able to get using the current infrastructure.

So tax-skippers beware. IBM is coming after you…