Humbled Psystar hopes to ‘coexist’ with Apple

San Francisco (CA) – Psystar has apparently adopted a radical new strategy in its legal offensive against Apple. The Mac clone manufacturer – which had previously vowed to fight Apple with ‘guns blazin’ – now claims that it wishes to ‘coexist’ with Club Cupertino as a ‘competitor.’

“Apple has done a great job creating a stylish and functional operating system. That’s why we buy and use Apple products. We never set out to conquer Apple, what we wish is to coexist with Apple as a competitor in the industry. It is our goal at Psystar to offer a great product (OS X) to people who are not included in Apple’s target market,” Psystar explained in an official statement.

“Some people simply cannot afford an Apple computer. Others would like to see better performance from their machines with hardware configurations that Apple does not provide. Our Psystar machines were developed to fill niches that a larger corporation like Apple doesn’t serve.”

The clone manufacturer also noted that it “provides” Americans with jobs and emphasized that competition with Apple would ultimately benefit the consumer.

“We respect Apple as a company and admire the success they have achieved. What we offer here at Psystar is a choice as to what platform you chose to run OS X Leopard on. We screen all software updates to ensure that they all work safely on our machines before we encourage our customers to update their Psystar computer. And we will continue to support our computers through new software releases,” added Psystar.

Indeed, the ongoing legal battle with Apple has done little to affect Psystar’s day-to-day operations. The corporation recently unveiled its Rebel Mac clone series, which features a pre-installed version of OS X, a 19″ or 22″ monitor, along with a keyboard and mouse.

The entry level Rebel 19″ – which includes a 2.33 GHz Intel Quad Core processor and 500 GB hard drive – is priced at $900. The higher-end 22″ is priced at $1300 and offers a 3.0 GHz Intel Quad Core processor, 4 GB DDR2, 1000 GB HD and an NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT.

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