HP sends an e-mail to apologize for sending too many e-mails

Apparently HP had some issues with its e-mail sending service and started spamming customers who signed up to receive occasional update and offers from the company. So, HP is now apologizing for sending out so many e-mails….via e-mail.

“Hey… it happens,” opens the apologetic e-mail, followed by the main body of the message, “Oops… Noticed a couple extra emails in your inbox?”

The e-mail was addressed to customers who had signed up to the HP Home & Home Office Store subscription list. It doesn’t expand on why it sent so many e-mails, or what they were, but it does show a pretty surprising attention to customer satisfaction. It makes us wonder if HP was receiving complaints from its users.

To make up for the inconvenience, HP’s mass e-mail apology includes a coupon code for $10 off any $50 purchase on HP.com

Even if you weren’t inconvenienced from the e-mail gaffe, you can still use it – the code is SVP471394. Just be careful on the checkout page when it asks if you want to receive occasional messages from HP and/or its marketing partners.