How To Use Personality Quizzes To Learn About Your Audience

Which type of content will you term as the most sustainable one? Obviously the one which can increase your sales and help you stay ahead of your competitors. However, in order to do this you need to extract insights about your audience. Learning about your audience is the most crucial step to make your mark. Therefore, most of the businesses struggle to figure out which content form is worth to get know your audience well.

Personality Quizzes and different quiz tools are highly beneficial to gain an accurate understanding about your audience. It is a secret weapon that allows you to understand and know your audience.

Why personality quizzes are beneficial to get a deep understanding of your audience?

Adding quizzes to your marketing plan has become one of the best content forms which are proven after the stupendous success of Buzzfeed. Using personality quizzes will help you learn about your audience because:

· It is the most attractive form of interactive content that people rarely ignore.

· Personality quizzes are fun to take and it compels the audience to participate and share their information.

· The view of the audience on certain product, service, etc. is usually authentic.

Using personality quizzes to learn about your audience:

A successful personality quiz is the one with great topic. It should also have the fun element to attract the audience. Fun personality quizzes allow the audience to discover something about them that is interesting and unique. Simultaneously, you also get information about them and their preferences.

One should create fun personality quizzes so the response allows you to generate a profile of every user. You can know about their habits by asking them a series of questions. You can also add statistics at the end about the users who have taken the quiz.

How fun personality quizzes are ideal to learn about your audience?

1) Personality quizzes attracts the audience to participate: To learn about your audience it is necessary to build a quiz that attracts your audience and compels them to participate in it. Fun personality quizzes have an attractive title which allows the audience to break away from their monotony. They engage with the content and are ready to participate.

2) Authentic Feedback: You will get authentic information about the user. The user is interested to discover something unique and interesting about him/her. Therefore, they have to be truthful to know about themselves. So, you get genuine information about your audience.

3) Tracking the user behavior throughout the quiz: Users may answer some questions and then they may abandon the quiz or simply move to other questions. You can now track the behavior of the user while they answer the quiz with the help of certain tools. You can use all this information of the user for advanced analysis.

4) Segmenting your users: When the user’s answer these quizzes, it becomes easy to segment them in a particular category. You can understand which user will like what and accordingly give them the necessary offers, products, services, etc.

5) Honest decisions about buying intentions: Leads declare their desire and show how they approach their decision making process by answering fun personality quizzes. As these quizzes are fun to participate and have a personal touch, users are honest about their decisions and intentions. They are self guided through the buying decision as there is no interaction of the user with the sales person.

These are some very important things which you can understand and learn about your audience. It is necessary to get a target market. The target market is of the users whom you are interested to serve in the future with your products. It becomes easier to identify them with the help of personality quizzes. With these quizzes you get personal information of your audience. It becomes easy to understand their behavior.

So, are you ready to uncover powerful insights of your audience?

Image Credit: Pixabay