How to Start a Handyman Business

Got a skill for DIY? Starting a handyman business could be a fantastic idea because it is a line of work which will always be in demand. In addition to there being a constant stream of available work, this can also be a highly rewarding line of work where no two days are ever the same. So, if you think that you have got what it takes to be a great handyman then read on to see how you could get started.

Skills & Qualifications

You do not need any formal training for this role but it can be helpful to earn some relevant qualifications. The type of skills required will depend on the type of work that you will be doing, but it could involve construction, plumbing, electrical work etc.


Every handyman will need an array of high-quality tools and supplies so that they can take on a range of work. A few examples of the types of items that you will need include hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and drill bit sets from places like RS. You may also need cleaning materials, painting supplies, ladders, storage bins and much, much more. You should always invest in quality items so that they will last and so that you can complete the job both properly and safely.

Legalities & Cover

You will need to choose a legal structure for your business, but most handymen start out as a sole trader. You will also need to register as self-employed and file a tax return each year. A handyman should always arrange insurance too as accidents can occur in this line of work. Cover should include public liability insurance, personal accident insurance and tools insurance.

Finding Customers

You will now be ready to start taking on work. You can start out by asking friends and family if they know anyone that needs a handyman and try to develop your business through word of mouth. In addition to this, it is also worth having a website and social media channels to grow a large network and find new work.

These are the main steps to take if you want to start a new career as a handyman. This is a line of work which is always in demand and it can be highly rewarding work that introduces you to a lot of new people. It can be tricky once first starting out, but once you begin to get recommended by previous customers you will soon grow your base.