How to promote your business with the help of case study writing?

Nowadays, global market takes advantage of the unlimited Internet opportunities. Therefore, the absence of a website is perceived as a sign of the poor quality of products and services provided by a company. Certainly, a good site is a visiting card of a company, and it is also a way to attract new clients and promote your services or goods.

Content is extremely important for each site because its quality may either attract or repel new customers. Therefore, it is extremely important to hire professional copywriters who will compose different texts about your company to publish them on the web.

Why is Case Study the Best Way to Promote Products or Services?

There are many different methods to promote your services with the help of good marketing texts, but case study writing is considered one of the most effective ways of Internet promotion. Here are some reasons why it is so:

  • It can replace information about the company. Certainly, it is necessary to give some contact information about your company on the website. However, the company’s history and description can be easily replaced with the case study. Such a text gives clients a clear understanding about the aims of your company, services it can offer, etc.
  • Quality of your services is in the first place. The method of case study writing highlights the greatest quality of your services. Such advantages as individual approach to each client and ability to find creative solutions are emphasized. Therefore, this text can be good advertisement, which, as you know, drives sales.
  • It can be used for e-mail marketing. The detailed description of a particular working case will be suitable not only for publication on the company’s website but also for e-mail marketing. If your company has a great number of e-mail subscribers, why don’t you tell them about your everyday work? It is also an effective way to find new clients. Moreover, different cases can be more interesting than other information typically included into mailout.
  • Associations. A case study is a sample of your work with a particular client. However, it can also be a basis for important decisions. Reading such a story, a potential customer will associate himself/herself with your client, and decide whether he/she likes your approach or not. Of course, it is one of the best ways to find necessary company.
  • Ready video script. Case study writing can be published not only in the text form, but also in a video format. You should keep in mind abilities and interests of different clients and publish both printed information and videos because this diversification will make your site more popular and interesting for guests.
  • It gives an excellent opportunity to share your success. Description of different working cases is the best opportunity to show your success to potential customers. If you don’t blow your own horn, no one will do it for you.

So, you can see that case study writing is considered one of the best ways to tell about your company and present its products or services in the market. Moreover, such an approach points out all advantages of your company that distinguish it from business rivals.

How to Write a Case Study?

Certainly, such a responsible task as case study writing is better to delegate to a professional copywriter or a PR specialist. However, if you want to do it by yourself, here are some useful recommendations:

  • Structure. Similar to other types of texts, the description of a particular case should have a good structure including the following points: 
    • the introduction containing a brief information about your client and his/her situation;
    • objectives – description of a client’s problem;
    • strategies – what steps did you take to solve this very problem;
    • results – provide some details about the results of this process.
  • Optimize your text for search engines. It is necessary to optimize the text for search engines before publication on the website. By paying attention to this aspect, you make your promotion more effective.
  • Ask your customers for feedbacks. It is possible to include several quotes from your customers’ feedbacks to make the case description more vivid and substantial.
  • Ask permission of a particular customer. It is important to ask permission of a particular customer described in the story and make sure that he/she wants this story to be published. It is possible to change the name of the client or the company with which you have worked to guarantee confidentiality.
  • Mind your language. Certainly, the whole story should be described in professional language without any colloquialisms. Try to avoid slang and jargon related to your professional sphere and explain everything properly.
  • Use statistical data. It is possible to include some figures and charts from statistics to make the case more substantial and prove your professionalism once again.
  • Choose the image. It is necessary to select and insert an appropriate image before publication on the website. Images and photos always attract readers’ attention.
  • Check the text. It is important to proofread the final version of the text; therefore, try to find some time for it. Spelling and punctuation mistakes look awful in any text, especially if it is published on the website of a big company. It is possible to make use of professional editing services to allow an experienced editor to check your text and correct it if necessary.

Description of experience in case studies is the best proof of your competence and professionalism. Therefore, use this method to promote your business and attract new clients! You will soon find out that this approach is a magic wand for good promotion.