How To Perk Up A Jaded Workforce

A lengthy project draws to an end, with its culmination comes relief and satisfaction. Those long hours your team had put in, will finally pay off. However, in the process of achieving those goals and meeting the deadlines, your team has lost its chutzpah. The shoulders are sagging, and the faces are weary. So what does it take to bring back the zing in your team? You need some team building ideas to get your workforce back on track and deliver when it counts.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you can do to get your teammates back to their best.

Take The Fun Outdoors

Being in a stuffy office cubicle all day can become counterproductive. To avoid this situation plan regular outdoor team events. There’s nothing better than some good old sunshine and fun activities, to bring the team together.

Here are some great outdoor team activities:

Office Olympics

Is a great idea to get the teammates together. Great for large teams, the event can include mini hurdle races, three-legged sprints and bouncy boxing. With fun and laughter all around, the teammates will thoroughly enjoy their day out in the sun.

Treasure Hunt

An all-time favourite team building game. The team plans and executes the hunt together, with clues scattered all around. Pick the sharpest minds in your group to finish the hunt fastest. This event is ideal for a mid sized team with upto ten people.

Soapbox Derby

When creativity and competitiveness meet, fun will not be too far behind. The soap box derby allows teammates to channelise their ingenuity to claim the bragging rights for the fastest soapbox at work.

Being indoors can be fun too

Team activities are not only about the outdoors. Fun and games can be had while being inside the office as well. While some of the events can be organised within the office premises, some require specialised areas for a better experience.

Some popular indoor team activities:


Bring out the baker in you with this event. All the ingredients are lined up before the teams. Choose what you need and bake away. A timed baking challenge adds to the excitement and raises the competitive nature of the event.


Step up to the mic and sing your heart out. A classic team activity where bad singing will not be frowned upon. Extra fun can be had by dividing the group into teams and performing on popular numbers.

Escape Rooms

An exciting indoor team activity, escape rooms provide an excellent opportunity for the team to think as a unit. Solve puzzles and pick up clues as you find your way out of a locked room. The fastest team wins.


In the modern workplace, competition is on the rise and deadlines are getting tighter. As a result, the workforce can become worn out quite quickly. Having your team indulge in fun activities from time to time will help them release stress and keep them motivated throughout the year. So the next time you see drooping shoulders at the workplace you know, it’s time for some team building.