How to choose a good PCB Assembly Manufacturer from China

How to choose a PCB assembler manufacturer, especially what is available in the Chinese market, is a classic question that can be challenging.

Keep in mind that every time you develop an electronic product, PCBs play a crucial role and choosing the right manufacturer directly correlates with the success of product.

But how? Don’t worry I have gone through various processes and here are a few things to consider before choosing a manufacturer.

Make sure they have “clarity”.

Within each company, it is important to ensure that an error will not be repeated later. Therefore, having clear training manuals and procedures is mandatory for every company that is truly serious in optimizing its performance. Most Chinese companies are now implementing rigorous training as the biggest capital for success. Good training can improve the quality of resources and this can’t apply otherwise.

The condition of their machines.

You have to make sure they have machines that are accurate, and if possible choose a producer with new ones. This step will minimize work inefficiency as the accuracy of the machine is very influential in the installation of micro components such as 0201 smd type or doing printed circuit board assembly. Today, Chinese machines are very accurate and their level of accuracy almost matches what Japanese manufacturers have reached. What you have to remember is that any inaccuracy will slow overall performance or worse, fail.

The type of quality inspection carried out.

Some people might assume that quality checks in Chinese factories are not as good as those run in the United States or Western Europe. This opinion is entirely wrong because those who operate in China are now progressing day by day. As a potential buyer, make sure that your PCB tools have gone through at least 3 kinds of quality control operations. Visual observation by humans, by machines and functional tests are the three intended.

Production lines owned.

If you have big production volumes, your PCB machine’s production lines are very important. Make sure your PCB machine has several production lines, each of which can be managed simultaneously. You need simultaneous performance in this context. By having multiple production lines that work simultaneously, you can save your production time significantly.

Stock availability for standard components.

Some PCB manufacturers in China have large reserves of common components such as inductors, diodes, transistors, capacitors and so on. You have to choose them otherwise your production is interrupted when your PCB machine is in trouble. You may have to buy several different SKUs, but even though you have to pay more, this can’t be compared to the smoothness of your production. Overcoming damage properly is the key to success.

Make sure they don’t only accept large orders.

Making a PCB prototype is the first step before you actually buy. This can reduce the risk that your PCB device does not match what you want and need. If your supplier can’t work in the prototype sector, you can use two suppliers; one for prototypes and one for serving you in mass production. Considering Plan B is one of the pillars of success and neglect will only lead you to regret. If you have harmony between prototype sessions and mass production sessions, success is not far from where you stand. Just for your info, harmony and mass production are two main characteristics of most Chinese companies.

Hopefully this article can enlighten you about how to choose the best PCB manufacturer in China. Choosing intelligently will bring satisfaction at the end of the day.