How next day delivery could help reduce traffic

Global companies like Amazon and Etsy already offer next-day delivery, but more and more local businesses are introducing faster distribution options as a way of keeping up with the growing demand from consumers.

The concept sounds easier as the implementation is. BuzzFeedNews had published an article titled “Amazon’s Next-Day Delivery Has Brought Chaos and Carnage To America’s Streets”. It was a little dramatic, but it referred to how the increasing number of deliveries, and the consequential increase in vans driving around on a tight schedule, had resulted in “deaths and devastating injuries”.  

The main problem is in big cities, where there is enough traffic to start from, and the solution has been around for centuries.

Beating the City Traffic

Courier Absolutely’s managing director Jeremy Thompson is convinced offering same day delivery services on pushbikes, cargobikes and motorbikes is the solution to assure a safe and speedy delivery of items in a busy city like London, where traffic is a constant source of stress. Thompson mentioned in a CommercialFleet interview that traffic speeds in London are the same as it was in 1880, when there were only horses and carts. Diminishing the speed advantage vans could have had over bicycles.

In fact, according to a Forbes article, cargobikes can complete urban deliveries up to 50% faster than vans. Thus, more deliveries can be carried out over the course of a day, for less money and less damage to the environment.

This method of next-day or same-day delivery has already become a successful model in cities such as Amsterdam. Here, cycling has long been a primary form of transport not just for locals but also for bike messenger companies who can deliver everything from medication to urgent documents swiftly. These types of on-demand logistics solutions make it easier for businesses to connect to local couriers, speeding up and simplifying deliveries for companies of all different sizes.

By using courier services for next-day deliveries, businesses can transform their online stores into distribution centres, clearing the way for speedier deliveries. Standard delivery vehicles have the hassle of competing with gridlocked traffic each day, but the option of using cycle couriers provides companies and consumers with a more environmentally-friendly and time-efficient e-commerce solution. When deliveries matter and you want to ensure that your items will arrive safely, having a reliable courier service that provides swift transport of your orders provides peace of mind.

A Streamlined Service

Studies show that 80% of people cite that next-day delivery is an option that would make them more likely to shop online. Businesses who provide next-day delivery encourage a better customer relationship, putting the needs of the consumer first and understanding that often, customers can’t wait weeks at a time for the items they’ve ordered. In those instances, having a next-day delivery options caters to all needs and requirements, from those who are happy to wait to those who urgently need their deliveries quickly.

Next day delivery is considered a lucrative perk that makes the online shopping experience seem more seamless and convenient and it will be hard to convince retailers to ditch this service. We can only hope that maybe US giants like Amazon might take a lead from their European counterparts and give bicycles a chance.