Has Dell figured out Twitter?

Chicago (IL) – Dell said that it has generated more than $3 million in sales that can be tracked back to people responding to its Twitter posts. Has Dell found the secret formula how to build a profitable business out of its Twitter efforts?

Effectively reaching the millions of people in social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter is one of the big challenges in today’s marketing, PR and sales world. Several tech companies are getting more and more anxious about the potential that is hidden in this segment and have been creating new strategies that includes messages and marketing employees that are specifically working with the Facebook crowd.

Sometimes, the answer to a seemingly complex problem may be simple and if we believe Dell, then this may be especially true in this case. The company claims it has generated $3 million in sales through Twitter posts so far, and more than $1 million in the past six months alone. Lionel Menchaca, Dell’s chief blogger, was quoted by Reuters describing the sales effort as “trending upward and that’s what [Dell is] going to be looking at overall.”

A quick look on Dell’s website reveals that Dell’s effort on Twitter is quite extensive – there are 34 different accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers. The largest account is DellOutlet which had almost 630,000 followers at the time of this writing. Dell publishes between five and seven posts per week.

However, put into proportion, Dell’s sales success is rather small at this time. The company posted revenue of about $12.3 billion for the first quarter of this year alone. We are sure that other companies will be looking closely at Dell’s Twitter pages, but it seems that we can’t quite call the success it had so far a significant business model yet.