Hacker gets 4 years for botnet malware used to steal identities

Los Angeles (CA) – Yesterday, a 27-yr old computer hacker was sentenced to four years in federal prison after being convicted of using malicious software to infect thousands of computers, turning them into “botnet zombies”. The man, John Schiefer, was a computer security consultant who plead guilty last April to computer fraud.

The malware was used to infect computers, creating botnet zombies that were ultimately used by Schiefer to steal personal information, such as the user’s identities, credit card information, etc. He had to pay $19,000 in restitution to PayPal and other companies, in addition to his four-year sentence.

In June, 2008, a high-school student faced up to 38 years in prison for hacking into his school’s computer. Omar Khan was facing a total of 69 felony accounts relating to individual instances of records being altered. The case is still pending.

In September, 2007, a Seattle man got two years in prison for selling fake items on eBay. He collected $94,000, but refused to provide the purchased materials.

See the original AP article republished on Yahoo Tech.