Greek marries Geek in Facebook tryst

Arianna Huffinton nee Stassinopouos of the “Huffington Post” has struck a deal with Defacebook to share stories with fiends between each other.

Under the terms of the agreement, Ms Stassinopoulos, a well known political intellectual, will allow her readers at the “Huffington Post” to connect with friends.

She says: “The explosive growth of online social networking has fundamentally changed our relationship with news. We now engage with news, react news and share news”. She said that in her bog.

Stassinopolous (50) was born in the home of democracy – Athens – and lived with top writer Bernard Levin, according to “authoritative” cyberpedia Wikipedia.

She divorced from oil billionaire Michael Huffington in 1997 but has kept his name at the end of her Arianna.

The “Huffington Post” can be found here.