Google getting serious about Twitter?

Chicago (IL) – Google is apparently close to acquiring Twitter, if we believe industry sources who were talking with TechCrunch. So, if Facebook’s offer was not good enough, and if the talks with Google are in fact in the final stages, as TechCrunch claims, it is clear that another huge deal could be in the making. How much is Twitter worth and what is it that Google thinks make Twitter an attractive buy?

The Internet is abuzz with a TechCrunch report that Google is just about to acquire Twitter. Bloggers are outraged. Michael Arrington is certain there will be an announcement soon, but Kara Swisher at Boomtown claims that the deal is absolutely not happening. Many have reason to believe Google has interest in the company due to the fact that the majority of Twitter’s potential could come from the real-time search function allowing advertisers to target consumers and enabling users to get real time answers to questions.

The prospect has many upset, feeling that the service offered by Twitter would significantly suffer if a large company such as Google or Microsoft were to purchase it. Both companies would benefit from the potential purchase, as it would launch them both deep into social networking. Plus, real time search results is not only an intriguing concept, but potentially lucrative.

The Twitter price would more than likely be astronomically high as Twitter has begun seeing the value in the search function and its ability. The question would remain whether or not Twitter would be willing to sell. With the economy the way it is, the likelihood of those having a potential Twitter interest being able to shell out billions of dollars is unlikely, and with no business model, selling the company for what Twitter “thinks” it might be worth could also be hard. We already know that Twitter has no cash problems with plenty of financing and we also know that $250 million will not be enough. We have heard numbers of up to $1 billion today – and if that is what Google offers, Twitter may be tempted to sell.

For now, we’ll have to wait it out and see if any companies can come to terms on a price. But even that is a stretch as it has yet to be confirmed whether or not the venture capital-backed site is even on the market.