Globalfoundries hires TSMC exec

Chicago (IL) – AMD’s spun-off manufacturing arm, Globalfoundries, will announce a new interesting employee tomorrow, we heard. Apparently, the company convinced Subramani Kengeri to join its team. Kengeri comes from manufacturing giant TSMC and was one of the key people behind the recently announced TSMC/Intel deal.

There are few companies actually hiring and adding staff these days, and it is good to see an exception here and there. Globalfoundries is one of those companies and listening to their staff additions, we notice that the firm is assembling a team with lots of know-how and contacts in the industry.  
The company informed employees earlier today that Subramani Kengeri has been hired as vice president of Design Solutions, reporting to Mojy Chian, who was announced as senior vice president of Design Enablement just a few days ago. Kengeri previously was senior director of Design & Technology Platform at TSMC and in charge of the firm’s San Jose design enter. What makes Kengeri an interesting addition that he was working on system-on-chip enablement, and as part of that, was – according to our sources – one of the people that made an agreement between TSMC and Intel possible.

That deal focused on Intel’s Atom processor that is currently ported to TSMC’s technology platform and will be most likely manufactured by TSMC and pitched to a whole new range of customers. So, at least on one level, Globalfoundries may be able establish a meaningful business contact with Intel. At this time, AMD is Globalfoundries’ only customer, but we hear some chatter that the company is aggressively looking for additional customers.