Glass shatters in New York’s Sony Plaza, injuring 15

Ice left over from a massive winter storm on Friday fell down from the 32nd floor of the Sony building, crashing into a set of glass panels in the lobby.

“It looked like a hailstorm,” partygoer Shirley Rozman was quoted as saying in an AP story. A group of people were at the midtown atrium, which is open to the public, celebrating the Jewish holiday of Prium.

“There was a little bit of panic. People were afraid the ceiling would come crashing down even farther,” said Rozman. Although no one was seriously injured, according to first responders at the scene, eight people were taken to area hospitals.

New York City’s Buildings Department issued a violation to the owners of the Sony property, citing a failure to properly maintain the building. This could mean a fine of up to $25,000.

(Image: Associated Press)