Getting an HGV Licence in time for the December Jobs Rush.

There is a shortage of HGV drivers across the United Kingdom and there are so many unfilled vacancies. The HGV licence holders have never been in a lucky situation that at this time when they can choose their employer on basis of the incentive that they are getting. During the Christmas holidays, the demand for HGV drivers is very high and there are employers willing to pay high incentives and bonuses so long as the needed job is done.

Every year, there are lots of deliveries required to be made around the December festivities. A lot of people are worried about their deliveries not getting to their destination on time. Whether you need temporary jobs or full time, this is the right time to get a job fix as a HGV driver.

The rising demand for HGV drivers.

Due to the number of orders needed each year, there is an increase in the number of drivers needed. Haulage industries look to have more vehicles on the road during the summer months leading to the Christmas festivities. It goes without saying that you cannot have many vehicles on the roads if you lack enough drivers. Due to this the summer months prior to the festivities are the recruiting months. Haulage companies are looking to recruit as many drivers as they can. If you hold a HGV licence, this is the time that you would be spoilt for choice and settle for the highest paying recruiter.

In the year 2017, there were a large number of deliveries put at risk across all industries because of the shortage of drivers. According to the statistics, more than 50% feared that their deliveries would not get to their destinations on time because they lacked qualified drivers. Actually, it was confirmed that there was a shortage of about 52,000 HGV drivers out of what is needed.

As a UK resident, there has never been a better time to sign up for HGV training than right now.

Signing up for HGV training.

If there is no one to drive and deliver orders, there is no choice than to cancel the deal. While many deliveries are expected to be done during the Christmas festivities, it is important to note that this shortage is experienced all year round. If you are looking for a temporary job as a driver, this would be a great deal with a possibility of earning as much as £650 each and every week. With the demand ever increasing, you do not have to travel for miles to get your required HGV training or pay a lot of money.

Getting in HGV career with just £10

There are many companies offering HGV driver training in London and they have a nationwide coverage with over 60 training centres across the United Kingdom. The good thing about signing up with a HGV training firm is that you can pay as little as a £10 deposit to kick-start your training and you will not have to pay anything for the first three months through a unique scheme of “Train Now, Pay Later.” This program gives you the privilege to train, get in a job and you deduct the payments from your salary.

In London alone, there are 6 centres of specialized HGV training and there is a big plus because once the training period is over, you get help in getting job placement.

When you get to the HGV training, you can choose from their different types of licences that they offer. For instance, Cat C, Cat C+E, Cat C1, Cat C1+E. Regardless of your licence choice, you can get trained for as little as £10. Enroll today and get ahead of the Christmas jobs rush.