Geek Squad and Girl Scouts have unexpected partnership

When it comes to diverse organizations, the Girl Scouts and Geek Squad are about as different as it gets. However, tech-savvy girls in New Jersey have access to a rather unique Girl Scout retreat.

Girl Scouts Heart of New Jersey first formed a partnership with Geek Squad in 2006 to offer the Geek Squad Summer Academy. It’s back again this year as a 3-day day camp.

Led by Geek Squad agents, each day is filled with 6 and a half hours of teaching girls how to be more comfortable with everything from online communications to Web site design and even green technology.

The Girl Scout motto, like the Boy Scouts, is “Be Prepared.” And of course the female population is highly under-represented in the technology workforce, so being technologically adept is a good way for them to in fact be prepared.

For Girl Scouts, the cost is $38 per person, and for everyone else it’s $50. The “Academy” runs from August 3 to August 5.