Galaxy Tab is perma-banned in Germany

Samsung can never sell the Galaxy Tab as it exists right now within the borders of Germany.

The much-discussed trial that alleged Samsung had ripped off the iPad in the design and creation of the Galaxy Tab has ended with Samsung at the losing end.

The case was far from an open-and-shut deal. In fact, many expected Samsung to come out as the victor, especially when it was revealed that evidence in the case was not legitimate – pictures submitted to the court showed the iPad and Galaxy Tab side-by-side with identical proportions, but in reality they are different.

Regardless, the court ruled that there is still far too much similarity between the two.

“We are disappointed with this ruling and believe it severely limits consumer choice in Germany. Samsung will actively and immediately appeal this ruling to protect our intellectual property rights,” Samsung said in a statement.

Galaxy Tabs were wiped off store shelves during the trial, and it looks like they may never go back.

The legal action was brought forth by Apple earlier this year. The company is looking to ban sales on the Galaxy Tab in all European Union countries.

However, today’s ruling only affects Germany. That is obviously still quite a blow, since Germany has the largest economy in the entire continent.

Nevertheless, Samsung’s business has been thriving over the last year, thanks in large part to its advancements in the smartphone sector. The company saw enormous growth over the last 12 months and analysts believe it has the potential to blossom even further.