Fraud Fighting Technology Review – What Is Best for Small Businesses

Many small businesses owners try to stay on an optimistic note and refuse to accept that fraud can happen to them as well, ruining all the hard work and money they have invested to open a successful business which usually leads to bankruptcy because of the considerable loss of money. Because they do not realize the risk that their businesses are exposed to and they do not tend to be suspicious at all, they fail to create a strong financial control and safeguards for their companies. The intimate atmosphere that dominates in small businesses makes the business owner feel more relaxed when it comes to checking how trustable their employees or customers are. The specialists from the Yellowstone Capital LLC in New York are considerably involved in the fight against frauds that can ruin businesses and even if they understand that it is not a good thing not to be able to trust your employees or customers, when it comes protecting the business that you have been working for so hard, they recommend business owners to pay more attention to how fair they are to their business.

Nowadays, since the technology has developed considerably and you have various opportunities for protecting your business from frauds, you need to consider using a software that is going to help you keep a better track of your accounting and eliminate all the risks of any type of fraud. Below you are going to find a list with the reviews of the most popular software that numerous businesses operate with, do your research and choose the one that is the most suitable for your business.


If you are aiming to grow your e-commerce revenue, protect against fraud and avoid costly chargebacks you need to consider Riskiefied. it is a software that offers an end-to-end fraud prevention for merchants to not have to manage multiple detection software to protect their businesses against e-commerce frauds. The software reviews the orders without adding any friction to the shopping experience. Moreover, it provides self-optimizing machine learning models that are able to distinguish the good customers and the fraudsters. One of the aspects that make Riskiefied a good tool for fighting against fraud is that it has a simple integration which is not difficult for you to use. You are able to choose which order you want to be evaluated and which ones should pass right through. The data analysis methods and the ongoing expertise and research will protect your business against the e-commerce frauds without turning away your good and loyal customers. Once you see how Riskiefied helps you eliminate the e-commerce frauds from your business, you most probably will start to consider exploring business opportunities in other countries as well without having to worry about the exposure to frauds.


Simility is another software that is used by many businesses owners to protect their companies from frauds that can have horrible effects that can lead to bankruptcy. The software provides powerful tools against fraud and risk, by collecting all the data, creating a powerful model assisted by advanced machine learning and results analyze, all without writing any line of code. The combination of machine learning and human intelligence results into a strong strategy of protection against fraud and an improved detection of anomalous parameters from your data that are taken directly from your website or mobile app. After the finalization of the powerful data analysis, Simility provides with visual link analyses, queries, reports and scores which are going to be incredibly clear for you to see the situation of your business.


MATLAB is a programming environment for algorithmic development, data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation. The high level of technical computing facilitates simple and complex numerical calculations. Whether you are analyzing data, developing algorithms or creating models, MATLAB is designed to be easily customized for your work and your needs.


If you are trying to find a more efficient solution for scheduling and billing instead of having to ask every employee to individually complete the schedule task, Bolt is a great opportunity to go paperless and make everything works faster and more efficient. Bolt is an intelligent platform which replaces fragmented checkout, payment and fraud software. It is a user-friendly platform because there are many ways to set up the software and all of them are incredibly easy to go through. Moreover, it has a capability that can help you getting feedback from your employees more easily which means you, as a business owner, have a greater control.

Oversight Insights On Demand

This is a web-based software solution which automates spending program compliance by continuously analyzing the purchase card, expense report and accounts payable transactions in order to identify frauds and wasteful spending. The fact that you can collaborate with the team from Insights it is really amazing because ty can help you customize the software depending on the insights that are valuable for your business. Another aspect that is making business owners to choose Insights On Demand is the fact that you are able to see the receipt right in the Expenses data.

FraudLabs Pro

Credit cards transactions are more easily to track against online frauds with FraudLabs Pro. It increases the profits that an e-commerce merchant has by reducing the chargebacks and improving the operation efficiency. By using merchant administrative interface, merchants can investigate all complex, high-risk orders in a simple way. moreover, it offers a wildcard blacklisting of fraudulent email domains. The rules can be customized in order to give more relevant scores depending on your business and your needs.

Unfortunately, small businesses are more exposed to frauds and the consequences are even more disastrous. If you are a small business owner, you definitely need to try all this software and see which one is the most suitable for your type of business, your needs, and your expectations. Fraud is an enormous risk that can seriously damage all the work that you have done until now and lose all the money you have invested. If you want your business to be protected and more efficiently managed, embrace the opportunities that the technology is giving you now and update your business.