Foxconn worker still dies after landing in safety net

Another Foxconn employee seems to have jumped to her death, as the “anti-suicide” nets draped around the company’s campus apparently didn’t do anything to cushion the deadly fall.

Foxconn, an enormous Chinese company that manufactures high-profile electronics including every video game console and iPhone, has become the spot of global media attention after numerous reports of workers who hated the conditions there so much that they started jumping off buildings to their deaths.

To date, 12 employees have committed suicide while on the job. This latest incident, which is still being investigated, would turn that number to 13 if it was an intentional death.

Hundreds of employees have seen psychological therapists on-site for having suicidal thoughts. Apparently this kind of problem has been going on for quite a while but Foxconn tried to cover up the details and no one found out anything, under last year when a story broke about an employee who was thought to have stolen an iPhone prototype committed suicide from his home.

The once-elusive company is now a mainstream name for anyone who has tuned into the news at all this year, and it has scrambled to provide solutions that will get the media off its back.

One of the most bizarre things Foxconn did was to wrap huge safety nets around its manufacturing facilities that would hopefully catch anyone else who tried to jump to death. However, as reports, the latest casualty was someone who fell into the safety net but still died from the impact of the fall.

You really have to wonder what goes on inside that company…