Former military contractor accused of hacking for nude teen pics

Atlanta (GA) – Patrick Connolly, a former military contractor, has been charged with a single count of computer hacking following his arrest last Friday. Authorities in Atlanta have 30 days to bring additional charges against him. Connolly is accused of hacking into teenage girl’s computers and then soliciting them to send naked photos of themselves under threat of reprisal if they did not comply.

Connolly had worked as a contractor for Tennessee-based EOD Technology, Inc. at an American military base in Baghdad, Iraq. He allegedly began contacting girls as far back as 2005. Six of the seven girls currently named in the lawsuit against him lived in Florida.

The criminal complaint alleges the following occurred (along with other similar events): The hacker would send uninvited messages using the screen name CasperLovesYa and cucumbersn to teenage girls. When they would ask him who he was, he would say “I’m your computer hacker,” followed by requests to send him nude photos. If they refused, he would threaten to publicly post personal information he claimed to have gathered by hacking into their computer. As a result of the threat, many of the girls complied with his request. But, it didn’t stop there.

It’s also reported in the criminal complaint that Connolly threatened to hurt a girl’s sister, and to delete permanent files on a friend’s computer, and to even send explicit webcam images taken from the girl’s computer to her grandmother, all at various times if the girls refused. He also allegedly contacted a 16 yr old girl wanting to take her to the Universal Studios theme park, though the girl refused.

Connolly allegedly used his computer skills to implant programs on the girl’s machines. These gave him remote access and control. Authorities have reported nearly 4,000 “victims” identified on his computer.

A fellow accomplice, Ivory Dickerson, who “shared victims” with Connolly in Iraq, agreed in 2007 to help authorities get Connolly for a reduced sentence. Even with the lighter sentencing, he was still given 110 years for manufacturing child pornography and possessing child pornography.

FBI authorities had been pursuing Connolly for five years. The case came to a head when he created a Facebook account in January and began searching for many of the names in his 4,000 “victim” list.

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