Fixing the performance issues for a slow running Mac.

According to statistics running from April 2017 to April 2018, Mac is the second largest operating system in UK with a Market share of 19.8%. This figure has been increasing because, first, there is a perception that it is a complicated system to use but as more people get the know how on the usage, the figure is rising. Just like all other electronics and gadgets, it reaches a time when if fails to perform at its optimal level. There are various reasons why a Mac may fail to perform as it should. Some of the major reasons are.

a) The Mac may be too old to keep up with the updated software.

b) There may be problems with the hardware components.

c) The operating system software may as well fail to work as much as it should.

In troubleshooting your Mac there are various ways of getting a solution and it all involves the elimination process. Troubleshooting takes time as it involves trying a given solution and testing if it works. This is the only option you have to determine if a certain fix is permanent is by trying out. Below are some of the most effective ways of to fix your Mac’s performance issues.

Take your Mac to a repair expert.

If everything that revolve around software and hardware are in check, it is important to find a Mac repair and ensure that they have a track record of great and successful repairs. One of the most reputable Mac repair specialists are Mac Repair – Nottingham, they were the first Mac and iPhone repair specialists in Nottingham. Taking your Mac to a Mac repair expert near you will ensure that the hardware and operating systems are in check thus advising what needs to be done to sort out the issues.

Check the storage space available on your Mac.

Running out of space is considered to be one of the most common causes of slow performance. In order to have an optimal space, it is recommended that you should have a free space of at least 20 GB. If there is a frequent running out of space, it is recommended that you should use external drive or consider upgrading your Mac.

Always ensure that your Mac is updated.

As earlier said, an outdated software may result to a slow Mac and to sort out this issue, you need to upgrade your hard drive to a solid state. An upgrade of a Mac manufactured earlier than 2012, it takes a few minutes to upgrade but it can be a bit complicated. Upgrades have a lot of options and you need to do a lot of before settling on any. Mac upgrade. If you are unsure, seek advice from an expert.

Check resource usage.

Look out if your Mac is using too much RAM and if you are running out of memory. There are some processes that can cause Mac to underperform. Mac operating system has a useful utility built in called Activity monitor. This utility gives a live view of the processor and how the network is being used. This in turn makes the Mac to be more useful. On the shown processes, you will gauge on what processes are not useful and you can choose to end the processes. This is a great way of ensuring that there is no unused process running.

By taking the above steps, you can rest assured that your Mac is performing at its optimum level. In case of any other Mac issue that may arise, it is recommended that you should always seek help of a Mar repair expert.