Five Items You Should Have in Your Car in Case of An Accident

The items you have in your car could mean the difference between a serious injury and a minor one in case of an accident. Some common devices and items should always be kept on hand in case the worst does indeed happen. Given the type of car you have, you may not have as much room for supplies to be ready for every emergency scenario. But there are three items that everyone should keep in their car in case of an emergency. When you are involved in an accident, and you find yourself in the St. Louis area, you should always contact a good St. Louis car accident lawyer.

The following are Items You Should Have in Your Car in Case of An Accident:

1. First Aid Kit

A first Aid kit is not just for minor cuts, abrasions, and injuries, but in case you run into a more serious medical emergency in an area where emergency help may not be readily available when you need it. A basic kit might have some gauze, antibacterial, and stints for use with minor injuries. While it is true that major injuries can’t be helped without the assistance of a doctor, minor injuries can either be prevented or circumvented. Therefore, every vehicle should have some health kit.

2. Flashlight

If you are stuck somewhere at night, there will be no more useful tool than your handy flashlight. A good choice for the flashlight is a LED based flashlight. An LED-based flashlight will be more reliable than most other types. You may also consider a hand-crank-powered LED flashlight, so you don’t need to worry about dead batteries. By keeping a flashlight in your car, you will be better prepared for emergencies that occur at night. For example, if you are involved in an accident at night you will better able to assess the damage and whether the parties involved require immediate medical assistance. Or if your car stalls on the side of the road and you should abandon it you will be more visible to passing motorists.

3. Flares

A flare is essential if you are in an accident, run off the road or come upon an accident. Flares burning always means to slow down and watch out for something ahead. This will alert people of a problem ahead and make sure they don’t crash into the problem.

4. Water

Water is essential to any emergency. Whether you are in an accident or stranded on the side of the road, it is always important to keep hydrated. If you find yourself in an emergency in your car and you become dehydrated, it can be even more dangerous for you to drive once your car is running again. Keeping water in your car is especially important in the summer. If you find yourself in an emergency where your car isn’t running, then it is especially important to have water to keep cool. Without water, you could become dehydrated and suffer from heat stroke. Water can also come in handy if your car runs out of coolant, as it can act as a temporary coolant for your car.

5. Cell Phone

Being able to call for help just about anywhere is a truly miraculous thing. Don’t forget to get a hand crank or battery based charger for it, in case the battery runs out.

We can’t always avoid car accidents- especially when it isn’t your fault as a defensive driver. Just remember to keep the items listed in your trunk or dashboard in case you need to make use of them.