Ferrari forced to recall fiery luxury cars

So you just spent a quarter of a million dollars on your new Ferrari Italia supercar. The last thing you would expect is that it would randomly burst into flames.

However, that is exactly the problem that the Rome-based luxury carmaker is facing. Around 1,250 of its 458 Italia model have been recalled after reports of fires came up in spots across the world.

The 458 Italia sells for a little over $250,000 so this recall is even more shameful than the rash of problems Toyota has faced with its $20,000 – $30,000 cars.

At issue is apparently the adhesive used in some of the Ferrari’s components. It can overheat and melt, which leads to the possibility of an explosion or fire. China, France, and Switzerland, as well as a case in California in the United States, have all reported Ferrari fires.

The problem affects all 458 Italia cars sold before July 2010. Owners are asked to take the car to their nearest Ferrari dealer to have the adhesive replaced with mechanical fasteners.

So a $250,000 car breaks because of melting glue. Go figure. I was thinking of buying a Ferrari for my next car but after this I think I’ll have to go with a Honda.