Facebook expands reach with FriendFeed acquisition

San Francisco (CA) – Facebook has announced the acquisition of FriendFeed. Although financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, Facebook confirmed that all 12 FriendFeed employees would be joining the company – with its founders expected to hold senior roles on various engineering and product teams.

“We are happy to announce that Facebook has acquired FriendFeed. As my mom explained to me, when two companies love each other very much, they form a structured investment vehicle,” explained FriendFeed co-founder Bret Taylor. “Facebook and FriendFeed share a common vision of giving people tools to share and connect with their friends”We can’t wait to join the team and bring many of the innovations we’ve developed at FriendFeed to Facebook’s 250 million users around the world.”

Paul Buchheit, another FriendFeed co-founder and the Google engineer behind Gmail, expressed similar sentiments.

“As we spent time with Mark [Zuckerberg] and his leadership team, we were impressed by the open, creative culture they’ve built and their desire to have us contribute to it,” said Buchheit. “It was immediately obvious to us how passionate Facebook’s engineers are about creating simple, ground-breaking ways for people to share, and we are extremely excited to join such a like-minded group.”

FriendFeed was founded in October 2007 by Bret Taylor, Paul Buchheit, Jim Norris and Sanjeev Singh. The service offers users a customized feed of shared content from various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube.